Yatch Management 2


Our Yacht Management team consists of expert individuals, including ex-captains and engineers, with proven experience in the mega-yacht industry. In addition to their robust professional experience our team specializes in a situational approach to requests and demands, enabling them to deliver optimum results with maximum efficiency in all aspects of yacht management.

Our clients trust us because we treat their yachts as if they were our own. Our team works continually to ensure each yacht operates cost effectively and efficiently while fostering excellent relations with the captain and crew.

At Yatch Charters Global we strongly believe in the value of teamwork. Our Yacht Management team works closely with our other internal teams including sales, chartering, insurance, agency services and crew placement. This enables us to have excellent insight into the overall operation of each yacht and leverage our strong connections and expertise in the industry.


At Yatch Charters Global we believe that the client comes first. Our aim is to provide owners and captains with the peace of mind that a world class support system allows. Risk and downtime are minimized, while efficiency and cost savings are maximized over the course of the relationship.

As megayachts become more sophisticated and yachting regulations more complex, captains and owners are often required to spend more time dealing with logistics and organizational tasks. Our goal is to enhance your yachting enjoyment and enable the captain and crew to focus on providing the owner with an optimal yachting experience.


With our dedicated, customer-centric approach, Yatch Charters Global is focused on the quality of our clients’ experience. Our goal is to be the premier source for Yacht Management Services in the luxury yacht industry by providing outstanding 24/7 support to owners, captains & crew worldwide, in an efficient, seamless and transparent way.

Yatch Charters Global offers a full spectrum of Yacht Management services, ranging from operational and technical management to financial administration and crew management, to help protect your asset, keep you up to date with regulations, minimize risks and optimize operational efficiency. Our Yacht Management team is at the client’s disposal around the clock to provide expert advice and immediate response.


Yatch Charter Global is investing in technology and has developed an easy to use Yacht Management Application, “Blue”, that aims to create a seamless interaction between the client’s vessel and the resources of Yatch Charter Global worldwide. This software can be customized to address the needs of each yacht and helps simplify the process of paperwork and ISM implementation, to ensure compliance requirements are met. All vessel and crew documentation including all Flag Administration’s and Classification Society’s Certificates can be easily reviewed to ensure they maintain their validity.