Charter a mega yacht in St. Bath’s and discover these captivating islands from the most privileged vantage point. First put on the map by Columbus in the fifteenth century, the islands of St. Barthélemy were named after Columbus’ brother Bartolomeo and its first settlers were French colonists from neighbouring St. Kitts. St. Barth’s island saw centuries of takeovers, its economy thriving on the influx of wealthy French mariners and its subsequent status as a free port under Swedish rule towards the end of the Napoleonic wars. Today, both French and Swedish influences abound, although St. Barth’s is officially a collectivity of France and all its citizens carry French passports.

The yacht-lined harbor of Gustavia – the capital of St. Barth’s and a namesake leftover from its Swedish colonization in the eighteenth century – is a spectacular sight at the right time of year. For New Year’s Eve this is the place to be and it is a well-known ‘secret’ that many yachts reserve their place on the marina months in advance. Throughout the year the country attracts an upscale market of crewed charter yachts, superyachts and sailors, but the celebrations at this particular time of year are too good to be missed. The quay’s limit of 60 yachts maintains an air of exclusivity, and luxury yacht guests can enjoy the privacy and quiet to be found in the exotic beauty of the island. A magnet for some of the largest charter yachts, the quay can only accommodate yachts up to 200 feet, so many anchor in the harbour and then luxury tenders take visitors to the nightlife.

St. Barth’s is the epitome of island chic, with a stylish ambience reminiscent of the south of France. Beautiful yachts are a permanent feature of the Caribbean waters, particularly during the famous St. Barth’s Bucket Regatta. This is a good-spirited, true gentlemen’s race, for private and charter yachts of over 100 feet. As you wander through the towns, the boutique shopping will have you stepping out into the warm evening breeze in unique and handmade pieces. After days exploring coral reefs, kayaking and visiting surrounding islands, there will be plenty of time for relaxation and pampering. Indulge yourself at the spas and wellbeing centres, where you can recharge the mind and body with massage, yoga and spa treatments.

Gastronomy is a passion of the island and the many high quality restaurants serve French style cuisine – your St. Barth’s yacht charter crew will have recommendations to suit your mood or taste – and even the chalkboard menus of the beachside bars can be found offering local delicacies such as conch chowder. The nightlife of St. Barth’s is world-renowned. Toast the setting sun from your yacht and prepare to head ashore to experience free concerts, dancing and vibrant bars, which are all within walking distance of the harbour. As the sky lightens continue the party on your private deck, where your crew will prepare a much-needed breakfast before you retire to your beds for the better part of the day.