Split between French and Dutch ownership, the island of St Maarten has grown an amazing culture in line with both of its mother nations. An intriguing island with distinct personalities, you can experience the vibrant mixture of cultures that is matched by the island’s diverse scenery. In the Dutch side you’ll find beautiful Caribbean beaches, lively nightlife, casinos and discos to dance through the balmy evenings. Throughout the year the Dutch side hosts events and carnivals, with the colourful April festival lasting a month. A short drive south and the mood shifts to a more European feel, with the French influences lending an effortless style to the region and bringing gourmet cuisine. On this side you can embrace the carefree European attitude and work on your tan at one of the nude beaches.

Many charter yacht vacations begin in Simpson Bay, a sheltered lagoon accessible to yachts and home to many marinas where large superyachts moor. A short drive from the international airport, this spot is a perfect base from which to explore the nearby islands and further into the Caribbean. Across Saint Maarten you will find a beach, restaurant or trip to suit your mood. From busy urban areas to isolated beaches where you can anchor and enjoy some of the best Caribbean rum, the island has everything to offer. With true duty free shopping and chic boutiques offered by the French side, you can be sure to head home with some real treasures and Caribbean style. Saint Maarten is perfectly located with Anguilla, St. Barth’s and Antigua in easy sailing distance, so a week’s charter yacht vacation could see you touring some of the most beautiful spots in the Caribbean. As your trip comes to an end, you can sit on the beach right up until boarding time, as the runway almost touches Simpson Bay – quite a spectacular sight to watch the planes touch down to take you home.