The Gulf of Thailand is one of the next up and coming destinations for luxury yachts. The private coves with dramatic rock formations slicing up out of the crystal clear blue waters are undeniably beautiful. Nicknamed “The Land of Smiles,” there is something truly special about this country and all that it has to offer.

With its proud history, its rich diversity of cultures and traditions, its tropical climate and its renowned hospitality, the kingdom of Thailand is a never-ending source of fascination and pleasure for visitors from around the world. Thailand is also famous for its epic scuba diving sites offering opportunities to explore shipwrecks, caverns, deep drop-offs and thriving reefs.


Phuket, with some of Thailand’s most beautiful beaches, is a must-sea destination and a great place to begin your charter. Explore the thriving Ranong day market in Phuket Town, located in the historical commercial district, and visit Wat Chalong temple, the most important of the island’s 29 Buddhist temples. Cruise to Phang Nga Bay, famous for its monolithic limestone karst islets and emerald-green waters. Make a stop at the James Bond Island, seen in “The Man with the Golden Gun” movie, a favourite destination among tourists. Save time for the fishing village of Koh Panyi; this one of a kind village, with a population of 360 families, is notable for being built on stilts by fishermen.

Move on to the stunning Krabi province, home to 52 islands ringed by coral reefs and powdery white-sand beaches. Anchor off of Ko Phi Phi Don, known for its snorkelling, diving and rock climbing. Choose one of the stunning beaches to anchor during the day and in the evening, explore the nightclubs and enjoy a fire show at Carlitos. There are no roads on Ko Phi Phi Don, so take your yacht to remote Hat Yo beach near the island’s southern tip and stretch out on its white sand. At your next stop, Ko Lanta Yai, go horseback riding among umbrella trees and enjoy a spicy seafood meal on the waterfront in Ban Sala Dan.


Return north to Phi Phi Don’s smaller sister island, marked by soaring cliffs. Discover Ao Maya, a spectacularly beautiful lagoon surrounded by 100 metre tall cliffs on three sides, and the stunning setting of the film “The Beach.” You can only visit the bay from November to April, as large waves make the entrance dangerous for boats during the other months of the year. Snorkel in crystal waters along its coral reef and spot a huge variety of fluorescent, colourful fish. Cruise to Nai Harn, a picture-pretty bay and home to the Royal Phuket Yacht Club. Tour the club’s model boat room and stay for an elegant dining experience. Head north to Katong beach for an exotic Thai spa treatment in one of its upscale resorts, then backtrack to Patong Bay and walk along its long, inlaid mosaic street lined with boutiques.

If you are in Thailand during the month of November, make sure to light your own “floating lantern” and launch it into the sky, a tradition during the Loi Karathong festival.