Sailing in the Mediterranean is the stuff dreams are truly made of. This is the ultimate yachting destination, and this stunning region truly has it all: magnificent scenery, glorious beaches, thousands of islands to explore from your private yacht charter, fine dining and a sea so breathtakingly blue they named an entire ocean after it. It is no wonder that impressionist artists like Picasso chose this vibrant coastline for his artistic muse, gathering daily inspiration from the striking colours of the sea, the sky and the fertile land between.

Blessed with a truly timeless appeal, the Mediterranean offers its seafaring guests a vast array of sights and flavours. With thousands of years of history this area is rich in culture, traditions, architecture, art, cuisine and beautiful landscapes. It gives its visitors a cosmopolitan flavour that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, and there simply is no better way to take it in than from the unique vantage point of your own luxury yacht charter.

Whether you are looking to explore the Cote D’Azur with its shimmering towns, the picturesque Greek islands, the Dalmatian coast or the South of Italy with its turquoise waters renowned for their sparkling clarity, the Mediterranean is a must-see. With thousands of years of history this area is ideal for anyone looking to combine travel through beautiful landscapes, a taste of rich culture and an experience of local traditions.

For those looking to indulge in the high life – a little dancing and champagne beneath the stars – there’s plenty of glamorous nightlife and fine dining after sundown in destinations such as Ibiza or Saint Tropez. For those looking to simply relax, quieter times can be had in secluded harbours, crystalline waters and sheltered bays – many only accessible by boat. The Cote d’Azur hosts a glittering calendar of social and sporting events throughout the summer months, from the world-famous Cannes Film Festival to the Monaco Grand Prix, and there is absolutely no finer way to experience the high-octane energy of Formula One and the opulent buzz of Monte Carlo than from the deck of your superyacht.
The yachting season in the Mediterranean usually runs from April to the end of October. Even though the peak of the charter season is during the summer months, the fall is a wonderful time to visit this captivating region by sea. Temperatures are a little cooler yet still comfortable, and the sea is still warm enough swimming, having been warmed all summer long. Crowds are not as hectic in popular Mediterranean tourist destinations in the autumn months, so it is easier to secure berths and anchorage if you visit towards the end of the year. Let your Mediterranean charter be your very own luxury floating castle for the duration of your holiday – this is simply one of the most captivating places to discover by sea.