Southwest of Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean lie 1,190 islands, lush with tropical elements; this archipelago is known as the Maldives. The Republic of Maldives is a cultural melting pot due to its history and location. Barely noticeable on a world map, the splattering of its islands and atolls cover a 90,000 square km region in between India, Southwest Asia, and East Africa.
The Maldives are quite simply spectacular, with coconut palms arching gracefully above gin-clear lagoons, coral reefs that are ripe for snorkelers and divers, tropical scenery and mild weather with endless sunshine. Each of these islets could be labeled the picture perfect “desert island”.
The atolls, or ring-shaped coral reefs, that are found between the islands create faultless wave breaks, where surf fanatics can “ride the perfect wave”. The Maldives is also home to the worlds best dive spots. With 30 meters of visibility, there are 2,000 species of fish living in over 3,000 coral reefs.
Only 200 of the Maldives’ islands are inhabited, most of them dotted with luxury resorts. The best time of the year to enjoy a cruise is from December to May, where the weather is mild and dry.


Board your yacht in Malé, the capital of the Maldives. The island has an international airport and direct flights from Europe, Asia and the Middle East on a daily basis. Enjoy a divine massage at the spa in the One & Only Reethi Rah resort, to ease away any jet lag. Take a stroll around the city and visit the exotic minaret, explore the street market or browse the shops for local art and crafts. Maadhu Finolhu is a deserted paradise surrounded by a vast lagoon, and the ideal spot for snorkeling. Enjoy a picnic on the white sandy beach surrounded by crystal clear water. Cross over to South Malé Atoll and explore Makunufushi, where you can choose between a dive on Kandooma Channel, one of the best diving sites in the Maldives and home to the whale shark, or snorkeling along a quiet reef nearby. Dine on deck under a ‘sky full of stars’. Emboodhu Finolhu features one of the largest lagoons in the Maldives, with the Taj Exotica Resort & Spa right in the middle of it. Enjoy a day of watersports, snorkeling and long walks on the beach.


The enclosed lagoon of Huvafen is a wonderland for naturalists both above and below the water. The island’s prime attraction is the world’s first underwater spa. Pamper yourself with a relaxing treatment while gazing at the colorful fish swimming among coral reefs. Head towards the islet of Hembadhu known for its superb dive and snorkeling sites. The island is a paradise for diving fanatics with over 600 species of exotic fish to spot, including turtles and stingrays, as well as a well-known shipwreck located on a reef easily accessible to divers of all levels.