Yacht Charter Seasons

Whether you’re looking to escape the brisk winds of winter or the humid climates of summer, it is important to understand the charter seasons and how they may affect the planning of your private yacht charter. A charter season can refer to the weather pattern of a destination or the peak times when the demand for yacht charter is at its highest. Read on to find out more about the charter seasons and what they mean.

When referring to a charter season in terms of weather and climate, the seasons are broken into “summer” and “winter” whereas when speaking in terms of peak times, the seasons are “high” and “low” with high season being the busiest times and low referring to the slowest. It is important to understand that, although somewhat misleading, a charter “season” refers to periods of weeks as opposed to full seasons.

Ultimately, most charter yachts are built for warm climates and although some may be equipped with air conditioning, they are far less likely to have heat installed as when predominantly cruising in warm destinations such as the Caribbean or Mediterranean, there is simply no use for it. With this in mind it is important to understand that seasonal weather will affect the location of the majority of crewed yachts, which will move from one region to another, in line with the charter seasons. When choosing a charter destination ensure to establish the best cruising months as this will allow you to choose from a wider selection of yachts. For instance if you’re looking to charter in Alaska, be aware that come the winter season there will be very few marina’s open. If you have your heart set on a particular location, ensure to plan for the appropriate time of year.

The summer and winter seasons may overlap, particularly from year to the next and summer in one destination may be winter in another. When looking to charter in the summer, winter or all year round, here are some of the most popular destinations for yacht charter.

Summer Season

Typically, the summer season ranges from April/May to October. The most predominant locations to charter in the summer season include the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, the America’s and the South Pacific.