There are several ways to turn your next superyacht charter into the ultimate well-being experience.

Whether you are looking for occasional spa treatments or a complete change of lifestyle, a handful of superyachts can help to deliver the ultimate spa experience.

Whilst some offer fitness training and nutritional advice, others can accommodate a semi spa charter experience. If you have your own personal fitness trainer, therapist or dietician, you can bring them on board for all, or part of your charter. Alternatively, step ashore to experience some of the world’s best spas that are fortunately located along the coastlines of some of the best cruising grounds. 

Fitness On Board


A yacht is an ideal platform on which to optimise your health and fitness. Surrounded by the ocean, one cannot help but lap up its inherent energy whilst on board.

From watersports to fresh ocean air and vitamin D enriching sunshine, a superyacht is a tonic for both the mind and the body.

From swimming, diving, snorkelling and sailing, to running on the beach, hiking up mountain trails, or sessions of yoga and Pilates on board during sunrise or sunset, a superyacht platform lends itself to all manner of activities.

And then there are those superyachts with their own gymnasiums on board, and there are plenty. Some are equipped with the same types of equipment found in your gym at home, including fixed resistance machines, while others have lose gym equipment that can be used on deck.

Many of the larger yachts also have qualified gym instructors among their crew, or you could bring your own personal trainer on charter, but remember they will need to use one of the guest cabins on board. If you are inspired to stay fit while cruising then take a look at the top 10 top gyms on board charter yachts.


For the ultimate in onboard pampering, opt for a superyacht with a masseuse on board. A handful of yachts have crew members that are trained as massage and beauty therapists, and if there is a specialist within the crew of your preferred yacht then ask your charter broker to arrange for a specialist to come on board during your charter.

Holistic and therapeutic treatments can be planned around your charter itinerary to compliment your fitness activity or diet, or simply plan to have the ultimate week of pampering.

Nutrition on board


Nutrition also plays an important part in any healthy lifestyle and your time on board can be a fun way to learn about different foods. Your chef can discuss nutritional requirements with you and can tailor your meals to complement a healthy lifestyle.

Gourmet fare need not be highly calorific or full of fat. With the right chef on board, your cuisine can look and taste amazing and, at the same time, be healthy. When booking your charter let your broker know that you would like to lead a healthy lifestyle on board and they will work with your chef to plan creative ways to deliver delicious, nutritious meals using locally sourced fresh foods that are full of flavours.